What is CPA (Cost Per Action)?

CPA (Cost Per Action), CPS (Cost Per Sale), or PPS (Pay Per Sale) is when advertisers pay for each time a sale is made via Ad from publisher site. The publisher will not be paid for running the Ad on their site, and the advertiser pays only for the number of users who complete a transaction, such as a purchase, sign-up or subscribe.


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We can called this business model as affiliate marketing, 'Advertiser' as Merchant and 'Publishers' as Affiliates.

Like CPC, Advertisers can choose Ad Category and Ad Format such as Banner, Skyscraper, MPU and then they can put the commission in Percentage or Fixed commission rate.

The Publishers will search and choose what CPA program they want to put in their website and then they need to request to join each CPA program.

Note: CPA Ads will not display automatically on publishers' websites like CPC.

When the publisher join CPA program, advertiser will review publisher's website and make the approval. When the CPA has been approved, publisher can generate the particular CPA code weigh and put to their website.

So we can say that in this CPA model, publishers can choose their favourite Ad and advertisers can also choose their desire publishers/websites.