We can help you to increase the traffic to your website and promote your business in cost effective way. We put together our high technology and online business strategies to ensure your voice is heard and you can be seen through the crowded maze of the Internet.


ဤ website အား ျမန္မာ version ျဖင့္လည္းဖတ္ရႈႏုိင္ပါသည္။

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Effective advertising reach to all Myanmar websites

Since we got hundreds of Myanmar websites in our network, our advertisers benefit from a unique solution that delivers qualified leads from local and global sources of traffic. You can imagine that how your Ads can reach to entire country within a minute.

Our Network

Websites from our network has nearly half million of users in home country – Myanmar (Burma) and ten of thousands of Myanmar (Burmese) users in the rest of world. We can easily divert high volume of traffic to your website from our Ads.

Complete Transparency

Our advertisers can set their budget – how much money they want to use a day or define their own cost-per-click prices. And also they can choose to run Ad campaigns across their choice of content channels and categories.

Our system provides Ad tracking and real time report which includes generated clicks, impressions, cost per conversion & actions so that you can know exactly what you are doing in the system.

Add funds to your account

You can choose how you would like to add fund to your account such as

  • PayPal transfer (US Dollar or UK Pound Sterling)
  • Pay by Credit/Debit card (US Dollar or UK Pound Sterling)
  • Online wire transfer (UK Pound Sterling) if your bank can provide your International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
  • If you can't use any of these services, you can make the payment in person (Myanmar Kyats only)

Major benefits for advertisers

  • Ads are not limited by geography or time
  • Fully customisation of advertisements
  • Varieties of Ad types such as text, image, video, & rich media
  • Varieties of Ad formats such as banner, skyscraper, MPU, etc...
  • Ads are targeted to site content, channel, category, site language (MM or EN) and geolocation

Join Ad Innwa as an Advertiser

Joining Ad Innwa as an advertiser is completely free and you can join right now, and start flying out your advertisement across our network which has thousands of Myanmar websites.

In order to meet the requirement of our system and combat fraud, we ask you to complete two steps in sign-up process which should take no longer than 2-3 minutes.

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